Amanda Carey-McDermott

Show Focus Group Chairman [Committee Member]

I joined WAOS in 2007 after a chance conversation with an old friend over Sunday lunch about the fact that she was due to direct ‘Carousel’ for the society.  Despite the fact that then, as now, I live in Richmond, I decided to join the cast in the chorus – the trip to Woking wasn’t so far after all!  This turned into a family affair, as both my son and daughter (then 13 and 11) joined the cast as part of the Snow family.  Little did I know that 13 years later I would still be here, after 16 shows and many fundraisers in the cast, plus a further 3 as director; ‘Oklahoma, ‘9 to 5 and soon to be ‘Legally Blonde‘ – hopefully playing at the Rhoda in Nov 2020.

Most of my time has been as a stalwart of the chorus in our formidable alto group, occasionally stretching out into supporting or cameo roles – most enjoyably as Rowena in ‘Salad Days‘ and Poopsie in ‘The Pyjama Game‘, building something of a niche playing the slightly dizzy!  As a director I’ve been hugely lucky to have formed a successful partnership with great friend Beth Flitton – now on our 3rd outing co-directing ‘Legally Blonde‘.

It’s a great society where I’ve not just made many friends but also made it something of a family affair, as my now grown kids (well into their 20s) have returned to the society after time away.  I’ve also had 2 stints on the committee, and currently I’m chairing our ‘Show Focus Group’ which reviews show options on behalf of the company, supporting the committee to set out our future show programme.  Little did I know where that chance conversation in 2007 would lead!