Legally Blonde

Welcome to information about our latest show, Legally Blonde.

  OMG You Guys – Legally Blonde has been deferred until 4-8th May 2021  

As announced at the AGM, the committee with the Legally Blonde production team, are agreed that as current Serious restrictions means that as we still cannot rehearse, it is no longer feasible to put on a show in November, even if we were able to host an audience by then. This is obviously very disappointing for us all and not What you Want but we remain Positive, accept this as a Chip on Our Shoulder and are still committed to making this an amazing production. Let’s Bend and Snap into the new year.

I’ve summarised below a few of the key points which were shared at the AGM for those of you that weren’t able to attend:

  • To help us get an initial idea of how many of you will continue with us, please complete the doodle poll (link below) by 12 August 2020.  We understand that not everyone will be able to confirm this far in advance so have included a maybe option. We will need to know firm answers by the end of October so that we can Find Our Way of planning auditions if we need to.

  • We expect to start rehearsing in January 21 at the latest to get the show Whipped into Shape – we won’t need quite as long as usual as we’ve covered most of the show already, but we plan to review the music and choreo. As we get closer to the rehearsal period, we would ask you to prepare yourself as much as you can.
  • We do not plan to re-audition for any roles unless someone drops out of the cast leaving a vacancy so there will be no Blood in the Water. You are therefore secure in your current role/s unless of course What you Want is to go for some other role and are successful.
  • Our plan would be to try to re-cast roles from within the existing cast where possible, but we will also consider a few [Harvard] Variations of people joining the cast on a case by case basis – there may be company members who weren’t previously able to join and would now like to, or even brand new people who have proven abilities we might be able to welcome in – but we won’t be doing any general advertising for new cast members. So stay There! Right There!

We really would love you to remain with us (and don’t go seek love in Ireland) for what we believe is going to be a stand out, feel good show – something that we will both need and be proud of.  We understand that this may not be possible for all as your lives move on and distances make it impossible, but we sincerely hope that for anyone who stays, we all Take it Like a Man and will have something bigger and So Much Better than ever by the time we get on stage in May

Do feel free to contact us with any questions.

Amanda, Beth, Dick and the Legally Blonde production team.
(P.s creative insertion of song titles courtesy of Josie).

Click here for Rehearsal Materials

Here is the original cast list!

ELLETabitha Thomas
EMMETTWill McDermott
PAULETTEGeninne Menzies
WARNERSteven Kingaby
BROOKELouisa Nye
ENIDEllen McDermott
VIVIENNEGeorgina Gilbert
MARGOT (DELTA NU)Josie Barnett
SERENA (DELTA NU)Claire Finlay
KATE (DELTA NU)Natasha Gold
DELTA NU'SPhilippa Wilding, Lara Rosemeyer, Julia Da Costa, Francesca Di Domenico, Gemma Chatwin and Chloe Taylor
KYLESteve Nottage
NIKOSPatrick Coad
CARLOSSteve Nottage
JUDGESam Moylan-Heydt
AARONGraham Kirby-Smith
PADAMADANEmma Batterbee
ELLE'S MUMSonia Huntley-Robertson
ELLE'S DADBrain Higgs
CHUTNEYAmel Oudjida
WHITNEYMegan Gauge
WINTHROPSam Moylan-Heydt
LOWELLFranek Mrozek
DEWEYAndy Hall
DA JOYCECatherine O'Connor
TV REPORTERMaureen Harkin
STENOGRAPHERRebecca Contractor