9 to 5 – The Musical


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Well done to everyone that auditioned. Here is the Cast List so far:

Violet NewsteadRosalind Robins
Doralee RhodesBeth Robinson
Judy BernlySusana Colunga
Franklin Hart, JrMark Mowbray
Roz KeithSophie Coad
JoeMatt Gardner
KathyEllen McDermott
MargaretSue Gaastra
Maria DelgardoNatasha Butler
DwayneGraham Kirby-Smith
DickAlex Haben
JosieJosie Barnett
TinsworthyBrian Higgs
MissyNicki Farrar
DetectiveSam Moylan-Heydt
Candy StriperMelanie Eloranta
New EmployeeSam Sharpe
DoctorSonia Huntley-Robertson
Bob EnrightAndy Hall

Plot Synopsis

Judy Bernly, a housewife whose husband has left her for his secretary, begins her own secretarial career at a huge corporation. Violet Newstead, a feisty, veteran office manager, instructs her on the perils and procedures of office life — and of working for Franklin Hart Jr., their chauvinistic, sleazy boss, and his right-hand woman, the crisp, nosy Roz.

Meanwhile, Hart’s endless attempts to seduce his happily married secretary, Doralee Rhodes, lead the entire office to think she’s a trollop. When Hart unfairly passes Violet over for a promotion, she finally realizes that Doralee is not as Hart has painted her and Doralee regales Violet and Judy with tales of Hart’s epic advances.

Later, at Violet’s house, the women smoke pot and concoct hilarious revenge fantasies — a rodeo hog-tie, a Wild West shootout, and a gothic Snow White scenario — about killing their boss.

When a mix-up leads the women to think they have accidentally poisoned Hart’s coffee, they hatch a scheme to protect themselves by stealing Hart’s body from the morgue. When he turns up alive, never having drunk the coffee, they must kidnap him to prevent him from blackmailing them or calling the police.

The women then use the occasion of their boss’ absence to effect some changes around the office.

Whilst this is a story of female empowerment, it is also highly comedic, and is definitely a “feelgood” show. With over 10 chorus numbers, dance content, opportunities for creativity in the 3 comic dream sequences and highly catchy numbers including the very famous title song.

Production Team

Co-Directors: Beth Flitton and Amanda Carey-McDermott
Musical Director: James Marr
Choreographer: Hannah Dare
Costumes: Ellen McDermott
Production Secretary: Sue Gaastra
Stage Manager: Lisa Young

Contact Details

Beth – 07827 840805 or via email

Amanda – 07989 549964 of via email

Audience appeal

This is a well-known film and show with the “Dolly factor” – highly comedic and hopefully with an appeal wider than the normal musical theatre audience.

Principal Roles

Violet NewsteadThe company’s Head Secretary; smart and efficient, a single, working mom. She stands up for what she believes in.Mezzo with broad vocal range
(D below middle C to top A flat)
Doralee RhodesHart’s personal secretary; a spirited country gal, warm and personable. Don’t underestimate her Barbie-doll appearance. (Dolly Parton-type)Soprano / high belt25-35
Judy BernlyMeek & quite proper, she’s the new girl; a little insecure but determined and hopeful. She has been burned by her ex-husbands affairsSoprano / high belt32-45
Franklin Hart, JrThe notorious boss; smarmy, pompous, his own biggest fan. He can fool you with his temporary charm but soon shows his arrogant, self-absorbed attitude.Baritone40-60
Roz KeithHart’s Administrative Assistant; company snitch who will do anything to win Mr. Hart’s approval.Alto30-50
JoeMale, cute, young, office accountant; smitten with VioletTenor30-40
DwayneHusband to Doralee; handsome, supportive of Doralee’s professional pursuits.Tenor30-40

Supporting Roles

Josh/JosieViolet’s teenage child (male or female)18-19
MargaretSecretary; constantly drunk (not hiding it very well)Any
KathySecretary; the office gossipAny
DickJudy’s (ex) husband; average guy, a little less hair and a little more paunch than he had ten years ago.40-50
Russell TinsworthyCompany owner with the bearing of an army general50-60

Other Roles with dialogue

(subject to the expressions of interest process)

MissyHart's wife; fluttery and ditzy, a bit clueless30-50
Maria DelgadoSecretary; young and vibrant (originates from South America)Under 35
Bob EnrightEmployee; promoted over Violet even though she trained himUnder 45
Candy striperCandy striperAny
New employeeEmployeeAny

Dance Troupe

Whilst there will be plenty of dance and movement for the whole cast, we want to include more complex dance routines in 3 numbers and will require a small dance team for this purpose. There will be an ‘expressions of interest’ process to be part of the Dance Troupe, and Hannah may arrange a specific audition for the troupe depending on the number of applicants.

It should be noted that it will not be possible to hold one of the female principal roles and also be in the Dance Troupe (but people who are in supporting and other roles are encouraged to apply).


  • Projection of ‘Dolly Parton’ video or audio (within the license) starts the show
  • Painted flats provide backdrop – 2 large windows with city scape
  • Simple set – all on one level with most of the action in Act 1 moving between the main office and Hart’s office, which will be set a front stage left
  • Only other location in Act 1 is Violet’s house e indicated by set dressing to stage right
  • In Act 2 the action moves between the office, a hospital corridor and Hart’s House
  • There will be a small number of moveable trucks to indicate different office locations (such as the kitchen, Xerox room and ladies bathroom), mobile desks and chairs, and mobile door ways which feature in Harts office and the toilet door
  • A key part of the set is also the static (and useable) elevator double doors which will stay positioned rear centre – to double as hospital ward doors/bedroom doors at Hart’s house

Costumes, Wigs and Props

  • Late 1970’s office dress – propose to source almost entirely from WAOS wardrobe or people’s own clothes
  • Guidance will be provided on the office dress which we plan to colour theme moving from a more neutral pallet in Act 1 to more vibrant colours in Act 2. We will source an appropriate selection from wardrobe to test alongside anything people want to try out to fit their own character
  • There are additional opportunities for some creativity and additional colour in 3 fantasy scenes (film noir/bar scene, cow girl and homage to ‘Disney Snow White’) including potential for re-use of ‘Magic Flute’ bird puppets for the Snow White scene
  • We expect chorus members to have up to 4 costumes – Act 1 office, Act 2 office, 1 dream sequence costume, 1 costume for Hart to Hart (to match Roz’s outfit)
  • The Dance Troupe will have additional costumes
  • Hair or good quality wigs to be worn in late 70s styles


In general rehearsal will be in the following pattern (until close to show week):

  • Monday 7:45pm – 10:00pm – Company
  • Thursday 7:45pm – 10:00pm – Principals
  • Show week is 8th -12th May – there maybe some Sunday rehearsals in April depending on progress.